Does the Calamine Lotion Makeup Hack work?

Can I use Calamine Lotion under makeup?

Yes, Calamine as a Makeup Primer Works.

Calamine Lotion on face benefits:

  • Creates a smoother foundation finish on the face
  • Diminishes the appearance of redness on the skin without having to color correct
  • Provides a Mattifying effect on the face

I was inspired to try Calamine lotion under makeup on my face because of a video I saw trending on Tiktok. Then, I thought to myself

“Is Calamine Lotion good for makeup?”

Yes, using calamine lotion as makeup primer helps with the appearance of foundation on the face by making it look smoother.

Can I put Calamine lotion on my face?

Yes, but proceed with caution especially if you have sensitive skin like me. I would even consult with your dermatologist before use. My skin type is dry and I have rosacea, which causes redness and adds texture to my face. So, calamine lotion for rosacea might be ok to use once in a while especially if your skin is inflamed or itchy. I don’t recommend you use it everyday as it can dry out your skin and could cause irritation to the skin.

How to use calamine lotion under makeup?

  1. Skip your usual makeup primer, but if you decide to do skin prep – I suggest you allow your skin to dry completely before apply the calamine lotion.
  2. Use a flat foundation brush for an easier application of the calamine lotion all over the face.
  3. Make sure to cover your face with calamine, but DO NOT put it underneath your eyes. It can cause irritation to the eyes.
  4. Apply your foundation with a flat top Kabuki foundation brush for best results, once the calamine lotion dries up, which shouldn’t take too long.
  5. Then, proceed with the rest of your makeup application.

I decided to use the calamine lotion under makeup and do it on a livestream via Pinterest TV Live. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to do this livestream because I had no idea how the Calamine Lotion as Primer would react with my rosacea.

I usually like to try out makeup hacks off camera first and then film it, but because I love my community so much I wanted to share my initial reaction to this beauty hack.

Watch the replay below to see how I apply Calamine Lotion on my face and how my skin reacted to it.

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Thank you for watching!

Products used in the Live:

  • Walgreens Calamine Lotion
  • Laruce Foundation Brush LR315, Kabuki Brush LR322, Fluff Brush LR333, Contour Blending Brush LR342, Angled Shading Brush LR117
  • Omnia Brush BOM-120
  • Artist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher in Spotlight Glitz
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Shop at:
  • Morphe Brush M536 – Shop at:
  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation – Shop at:
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser – Shop at:
  • One/Size Beauty Turn Up The Base Powder Foundation – Shop at:
  • Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional: Super Setter Spray – Shop at:
  • Nosta Beauty Nostalgia Playlist Let’s Make Up – Shop at:
  • Haus Laboratories Le Riot Lip Gloss in Blaze – Shop at:

Check out the screenshots below of me using some of the products I mentioned above:

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P.S. Let me know in the comments the best calamine lotion for makeup.

Love ya Energetic Beauties,