About Andrea

Hola, my name is Andrea also known as Beauty Energizer. The reason for my nickname is because I love all things beauty and I occasionally drink Monster energy drinks to keep me going to get you excited about beauty. I am a proud Latina who loves to share where I came from, well, my parents, which is Peru. Yes, I am Peruvian-American, and love to speak Spanish. I want to make my content bilingual so I can also cater to my Spanish speaking community members.

I have been in the beauty industry for 10+ years as a beauty advisor. Now, I am ready to give you all the makeup techniques, tell you about the best beauty products, and give you makeup inspiration. As a beauty blogger I will be posting about all my glow up tips. Get ready!

My blog attracts individuals between the ages of 25-45 who are ambitious like me and are proud of their culture. Most visitors will be college graduates living in a hot humid place like Miami or even Orlando, Florida. So, I will need to make sure I am giving recommendations that will withstand the Florida heat. Visitors will also enjoy watching makeup tutorials, reading up about products reviews before deciding to splurge via my link recommendations or save their coin. Their brands of choice will be affordable ones that have high quality. However, occasionally they will prefer the higher end brands if the product delivers on results. My visitors will need to save money, feel confident to use a product, and take their newly found products on trips aboard. With time, they will have more flexibility to try more products that will help their beauty needs and having them looking good in a place romantic like Paris.

After years of being in the beauty industry as well as my own personal journey I can speak to makeup, skincare, fragrance, brows, and what products work well with rosacea prone skin. I have been managing my rosacea since the day my dermatologist confirmed it years ago and through trial & error, I know what works and what does not. I have learned to pay more attention to my skin especially when I want to introduce a new skincare product to my skincare routine.During my time as a beauty advisor, I assisted the brow waxer for Benefit Cosmetics inside Macy’s. She taught me how to fill in brows the Benefit way with of course Benefit products. So, I know how to create a Benefit brow and I have even been able to replicate it with various products. While at Macy’s I worked several beauty counters, which is what helped me gain most of my knowledge on cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance. Anytime I was at a new counter I would always spend time studying the products like what skin type is it for and what are the benefits. I also studied the customer because I wanted to know what products they bought, what they repurchased and even what they returned. I would even ask questions to the counter managers to become more knowledgeable about the brands. I was hungry for information.

I also spent time working at Sephora and begin my journey on my love for fragrance. I was a fragrance specialist. I smelled every single fragrance that was available at the store because I wanted to be great at smelling a scent and knowing exactly what fragrance it was. I even went to other stores on my break and smelled all those other fragrances we did not have at Sephora. Why? Because I wanted to be able to suggest a new fragrance that was like the one the customer was looking for, but we did not carry. I, then moved onto freelancing with brands like Jurlique & Lancôme that I only worked 1-3 times for. Seventy-five percent of my freelancing time I spent with MAC cosmetics & Fresh Beauty. I was able to pick up great makeup techniques from MAC like mixing foundations, using a paint pot for eye primer, and doing a winger liner with both an eye pencil & liquid liner. With Fresh Beauty I was able to become familiar with how to prep the skin before makeup. I really learned how important having a skincare regime is and feel in love with their amazing products. I truly believe our face is a canvas that we need to take care of in order for our makeup application to look its best.

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