Sephora Squad

Hola Energetic Beauties!

It’s that time of the year again and I need your help. I can’t do this without you. I just applied to the Sephora Squad 2023 🤞🏼fingers crossed I make it. 

If you follow me on socials, I will be sliding into your DMs to personally ask you to please write me a testimonial. 🙏🏼

In your testimonial, please share what you admire about me and the content I create. 

FYI: I will be able to see how many testimonials I have received, but I will not be able to view the testimonials themselves. You can always share them on your Instagram stories & tag me or DM me (this is optional).

I will be posting the link on my Instagram stories as well. 

The reason I want to be a Sephora Squad member is to be one of the few “underdog” creators with a small, but impactful following to break through the Sephora Squad glass ceiling. I want to change the way the world sees beauty from my point of view – someone who is 36, Hispanic (Peruvian-American), a mom, a wife, a daughter/caregiver, a full-time employee and content creator. I hope to gain long time friendships, hands on experience with brands & industry experts, exposure, and income.

I started as an influencer in 2020 after I was laid off my full time job. I suddenly had time & money was not going to be an issue while pursuing my dream, so why not? I had always wanted to be a beauty influencer since the early YouTube era, but I never really dedicate the time until July of 2020. I prefer to call myself a Beauty Recommender to “Influencer”. My will to research & acquire as much knowledge surrounding every aspect of the beauty space & content creation has made me unstoppable.