Why do I want to be a #SephoraSquad Member?

Sephora squad, what is it?

When did Sephora squad start?

Why do I want to be a #SephoraSquad Member?

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Ready to answer some questions about the Sephora squad.

First, Why do I want to be a Sephora Squad member? The reason is to be one of the few “underdog” creators with a small, but impactful following to break through the Sephora Squad glass ceiling. I want to change the way the world sees beauty from my point of view – someone who is 36, Hispanic (Peruvian-American), a mom, a wife, a daughter/caregiver, a full-time employee and content creator. In addition, #Sephorasquad would offer me the chance for a hands on experience with brands & industry experts, exposure, and income.

I started as an influencer in 2020 after I was laid off my full time job. I suddenly had time and luckily money was not going to be an issue while pursuing my dream, so why not? I had always wanted to be a beauty influencer since the early YouTube era, but I never really dedicate the time until July of 2020. I prefer to call myself a Beauty Recommender to “Influencer”. My will to research and acquire as much knowledge surrounding every aspect of the beauty space plus content creation has made me unstoppable. Scroll down for the link to enter.

Sephora squad, what is it?

A yearlong, paid partnership with Sephora where you will have a chance to work with Sephora’s brand, appear on their social channels, attend exclusive events, and meet industry experts and other creators like yourself.

Sephora squad is truly an opportunity to grow as an influencer and navigate your expertise to help change the way the world sees beauty. I definitely want to be THE change!

When did Sephora squad start?

Sephora squad started back in 2019 and were ready to recruit unique and inspiring storytellers with a diverse range of followers, points of view, and interests. However, I didn’t know about the #Sephorasquad till the year 2021 where I have been applying every year since. I think my friends are tired of me, lol.

Leave a #sephorasquad testimonial

Sephora squad 2023 is here and I need your help. I can’t do this without you. I just applied to the Sephora Squad 2023 and I need testimonials. Every year Sephora asks for new testimonials, sorry not sorry, a creator’s content changes from one year to the next so it makes sense why you need an updated testimonial to speak on the growth of the creator. Make sure to keep those 🀞🏼 fingers crossed for your girl to make it on the Sephora squad this year.

If you follow me on socials, I will be sliding into your DMs to personally ask you to please write me a Sephora squad testimonial. πŸ™πŸΌThank you in advance!

Tip: In your testimonial, please share what you admire about me, Beauty Energizer, and the content I create. It can be why you read my blog or follow me, an impact I have made on you, something you learned from me, something unique about me, or why you think I should earn a spot.

FYI: I will be able to see how many testimonials I have received, but I will not be able to view the testimonials themselves. You can always share them on your Instagram stories & tag me or DM me (this is optional).

I will be posting the link to my Sephora squad 2023 testimonials page on my Instagram stories as well. 

Read some of the testimonials my community submitted:

Do you want to be part of the #Sephorasquad or know someone who would be perfect for the squad? Dream big! Go for it. Nominate them.

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